A proven way

to heal from sexual abuse

in just one year!



Turn a few focused hours a week
into a lifetime of freedom and fulfillment

Your life is too valuable to be controlled by abuse.


You were meant for more.

More joy. More fulfillment. More impact in your life and in the world.


Even if you've struggled to heal, there's nothing wrong with you.


You CAN heal. You only need the right strategies, tools, mindset and support. And I've got that for you. 


Healing from abuse doesn't have to be so complicated.


There are no shortcuts to healing but there are tried and true ways to efficiently move through the healing process.

Leave the fear, frustration and disappointment in the past and fast track your healing. 


You don't have to wait to feel better or to see the difference.


Starting with the very first sessions, you'll see your progress. You'll gain confidence in your abilities with each small step you take. 


With an entire year of

professional guidance,

the step-by-step plan,

and the support of a small group,

you'll wake up 12 months from now free and empowered, on your way to creating your new life!



Flourish Healing Program

An in-depth, year-long program for healing and wholeness after childhood sexual abuse



"My nightmares have decreased significantly and I am experiencing much less anxiety and tension. I have made more progress halfway though than I have in 5 years of therapy." 


"I feel gently empowered and integrated back into myself...to have these feelings is new and the only thing I have tried in my long search that has had these results. I am incredibly thankful." 


 "I LOVED everything about this…It was the BEST thing that has ever happened to me in my healing journey and I am grateful every day for having found you. <3." 


“I really feel that what you are doing is absolutely revolutionary in trauma healing and the most effective and genuine approach I have ever come across."


"I had gone to a counselor for several months and found it helpful but didn't receive any of the tools that I received in this course. I am so thankful to have these tools now...Thank you for all the work and care you put into this!!" 


"Christina is a wonderful mentor who truly cares about those she works with and the outcome of their experience. She has been through it and understands in a way only other survivors truly can.”

"Christina's love and desire to see others healed and set free shows through every step. Her enthusiasm is infectious and encouraging. She has a way of making healing an adventure."


I witnessed that Christina lives what she teaches, which is rare in this world.”


“Christina’s combined wisdom, experience and compassion make her an excellent coach. The difference she has made and continues to make in my life is unparalleled.

Flourish integrates two parts: Immersive step-by-step instruction in both healing the past and of healing relationships. Plus, a small community to provide support for the journey and to practice relational skills with.


This interactive live training is designed to take the mystery out of healing. You’ll know what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and where you’re going next. 

The sessions are a combined training and coaching plus support group. Ask questions, get professional feedback and peer support for whatever challenges you're facing.

This is an action-based experience that creates results. One small step at a time, you'll go from, "What am I doing?" to "Wow, I'm actually doing this!!!" 

Each session will be recorded and saved in your membership area for you to go through whenever it suits you.


We all need a place to share our unedited story and version of ourselves. What a relief it is to finally feel at home with people who know because we’ve been there too! This small group is a place to experience the amazing feeling of being seen, heard and understood. You can come as you are and be accepted and cared for. 

Together, we'll practice healthy relationship building, including creating solid boundaries, gracefully navigating conflict, working through common fears such as fear of abandonment and fear of emotional intimacy... This is the "laboratory" to experiment with how good it feels to be yourself and be accepted at the same time!


Trauma causes disconnection.  

 Flourish gently invites you back home to yourself.

To survive abuse, you separated from:
  • your own experience
  • the present moment
  • your emotions
  • your body
  • a sense of safety, security, stability
  • your true identity
  • your memories
  • agency, personal power
  • your sense of self
  • your surroundings
  • reality
  • connection with others

Healing reunites you,

creating a solid base of support within yourself.—

You'll be your own sanctuary.


Safe in your body.


Secure not only in your healing journey, but in life’s journey.




Each part of Flourish is designed for you to experience that reunion:


This foundation prepares you for success in the healing process, with the confidence to engage your past with strength, courage, gentleness and compassion. You’ll acquire the ability to physically calm yourself and to regulate your nervous system as a basis for creating your new life.


Reconnecting with your body and emotions empowers you to truly listen to yourself, keeping yourself nurtured and protected. You'll learn to decode the messages of your body and to regulate distressing emotions like sadness, fear, anxiety, anger, and shame, so they don’t overwhelm you.


When trauma left you fragmented, isolated and abandoned, parts of you remained trapped in the patterns and pain of the past. You'll learn to reparent (nurture, protect and guide) the parts of you that you've been too ashamed or too wounded to associate with. You'll be integrated into a healthy whole.


The subconscious messages of your past have power over you to control your thoughts, emotions and behaviors. This is the source of most of the pain of abuse. You'll process and resolve painful past experiences and leave behind shame, self-blame and feelings of worthlessness to finally make your life your own. 


Since you'll no longer exhaust your energy outrunning pain and managing symptoms, you'll have strength for true living. Your path will open to renewed purpose and vision to create a life based on your original design. You'll learn new patterns of growth, moving into greater creativity,  possibility and opportunity.  

Which of these

apply to you?


  • You're tired of running from triggers, managing symptoms and coping your way through your day. You’re ready to invest in yourself even if you’re nervous (or totally freaked out), knowing that every action brings you one step closer to the life you were meant to live.
  • You're done wasting time and energy trying tools and techniques that don't provide 100% the help you need. You want to save yourself years of frustration by getting professional guidance and support through a detailed step-by-step path.
  • You're ready to say goodbye to the isolation that comes with abuse and crave the joy and relief of being part of a community where you truly belong, feeling seen, heard and understood.
  • You're ready to connect with yourself on a deeper level and feel more alive--for your benefit, for your loved ones, and the world you want to impact.
  • You refuse to be limited by your past any longer and you know in your heart healing is the path to more joy, freedom and fulfillment in your life.


If you've made progress in your healing, this will help you go deeper than you thought possible. 


If your healing is just beginning, this will save you years of pain and frustration.


"During and after completing the course, things have shifted and continue to shift dramatically. My life story, my life choices, everything that has happened to me up to today now all make sense to me. Most of the gaps in my memory are gone and I am able to remember everything from the past, the good and bad at once, but without it overwhelming me or numbing me. I am able to embrace my past with compassion towards myself, grieve the losses gently but also celebrate the positives. The first time in my life, I have a coherent sense of self. For the first time, regardless of what emotional or mental state I am in, I am able to access and remember all other states at the same time."



"Having tried various different medications under the sun, many years of experience with different therapists and methods (DBT, CBT etc.), various diets and supplements, light therapy, yoga... The list could go on and on...Nothing I have tried before to address my symptoms has come close to the life changing effects of this program. My wish that this course could reach ALL CPTSD survivors in this world, so that they too could put an end to their suffering and start living life to their fullest potential."



Thanks Christina! I just wanted to say how incredibly thankful I am for this program. Literally a godsend. I prayed for something to help me and that prayer was answered with this program. Thank you for creating it and sharing with others.


What kind of

investment does it take?


This isn't some cheap program that addresses a few parts of healing but leaves you wondering what's next.

This is an in-depth year-long experience based on proven strategies, the most effective methodologies and the latest research in neuroscience, psychology, quantum physics and even epigenetics. 

Many survivors inch their way through therapy, paying upwards of $7,000-$8,000 year after year, without a structured plan and without knowing how long or how much money it will take. 

This program is less than $40 per week, less than half the cost of the average therapy session, yet offers professional and experienced guidance within a support community alongside people just as committed to healing as you are.

Many survivors think a "do-it-yourself" approach is cheaper. What they don't take into account is how slow, ineffective and lonely that can be. And even worse, there are costs that come everytime you experience disappointing results. What does guessing at the next step cost in time, relationship issues, cycle repetitions, missed opportunities and lost confidence?

When you join me, you'll have one of the most efficient and effective healing programs available. That's priceless.

12 Months of Support

Program starts May 2

2 ways to invest:

Invest in Full


(save $207)

  • Weekly Core Healing Trainings Delivered Live with Step-by-Step Guidance ($1,297 value)
  • Core Healing Training Video Recordings + Workbooks + Journals ($497 value)
  • Weekly Relationship Workshops + Support Group ($1,297 value)
  • Weekly Interactive Group Support + Coaching Sessions ($1,665 value)
  • BONUS: Boundaries Course ($347 value) 
  • BONUS: Self Care Course ($197 value)
  • BONUS: Relationship Makeover Collection ($197 value)
  • INVEST IN FULL BONUS: 3 private sessions ($261 value)



Get started with just $167

  • Weekly Core Healing Trainings Delivered Live with Step-by-Step Guidance ($1,297 value)
  • Core Healing Training Video Recordings + Workbooks + Journals ($497 value)
  • Weekly Relationship Workshops + Support Group ($1,297 value)
  • Weekly Interactive Group Support + Coaching Sessions ($1,665 value)
  • BONUS: Boundaries Course ($347 value) 
  • BONUS: Self Care Course ($197 value)
  • BONUS: Relationship Makeover Collection ($197 value)
Start now with just $167
I understand that you may have put your hope in other methods of healing and been disappointed.
I believe this is the very best program for healing sexual abuse and incest. I give you my word that I will do everything in my power to provide the most amazing healing environment you’ve experienced.
But even that’s not enough. So I’m giving you an entire year—365 days—to try this program and prove to yourself that this will finally be the answer you’ve been looking for.
I want you to participate in this program with peace and confidence, knowing I’m the one who’s taking the risk.
All I ask is that you put in the work. I’m confident that if you follow the program—attending the group sessions, completing the action steps and participating in the support community—you will see results, just as previous participants have. If for some reason, you’re not thrilled with this program, simply email me your completed actions steps at the end of this program and I'll cheerfully refund your money. 

Christina Enevoldsen

This program will completely transform your life but that’s only the beginning. 


When you join me, you also get bonuses worth over $700 to make your progress even faster and your success even easier: 


BONUS 1:  VALUE $347

Boundaries for Survivors Course




  • understanding about what boundaries are + what they aren’t
  • the confidence to rid yourself of fear + guilt about setting boundaries 
  • the clarity to decide what boundaries to set (with a helpful detailed worksheet)
  • the boldness to communicate and maintain your boundaries
  • the courage to stand your ground and speak your voice
  • the actions that will lead to a life that is truly chosen, created and enjoyed by you!

What others have experienced in the course:

“Christina and her boundaries course helped me make firm boundaries and act on the boundaries I already had placed in my heart. I feel stronger and more grounded in myself now."

"The boundaries course has been really important to me. One of the lessons showed me where the major part of my suicidality came from. I broke down in a way that is powerful and rare... to go that deep. I am lately feeling how much all this has shifted me. I don't feel like the same person, especially for how depressed I was this time last year."

"The most powerful thing I've been taught here- is that you can be your own hero. Even if your legs are shaking and your voice is trembling, you can be your own hero."

BONUS 2:  VALUE $197

Self Care for Abuse Survivors Course

Abuse treats you like you're disposable--an object to be used for someone else’s gratification and then tossed aside. Self care can seem unnatural, foreign and uncomfortable. And it's one of the biggest challenges of the healing journey.

One simple act of loving yourself is a declaration that you’re worthy, lovable and important. And that can feel like a lie.

That’s why it’s vital to go beyond the “self care to do list” and get to the beliefs behind all the resistance.

Self care isn’t the external things we do for ourselves; it’s living out of a heart-sure position that you’re deserving and worthy and enough.

I help you craft a personalized and transformational roadmap to transform your relationship with yourself. Know without question you deserve to be loved, empowered to give yourself what you need to thrive.

  • work through negative beliefs that sabotage you + tell you you’re undeserving, unworthy or unlovable
  • learn to communicate “I love you” to yourself in a way you hear + believe it
  • establish nurturing daily habits so your needs are always met

"Doing the lessons I learned things about myself that actually made me feel good about myself more. It helped me be more appreciative of the person that I am. I loved exploring and discovering things about myself."
"I am thrilled that through the lessons I can actually (hesitantly) say that I want to figure out what ways of self-care feel good to me, what my self-care should be about. And I feel like this is what I was looking for; feeling the desire to explore this part of myself instead of just going through motions, crossing things off my to do list."

BONUS 3:  VALUE $197

Support for the Healing Journey Collection 

Relationship Makeover Collection


This collection of eBooks and audio masterclasses will help you surround yourself with the nurturing care you need to heal and live. 


    • HEALING RELATIONSHIPS: Building Healthy, Supportive Connections After Abuse
    • REJECTION: How to Overcome the Pain, Shame and Fear of Rejection
    • COMPANIONS FOR THE JOURNEY: How to Connect in an Online Peer Support Group
    • CURATED RELATIONSHIPS: Intentionally Creating Your Inner Circle So You Stay Energized and Inspired
    • CONNECTING IN CONFLICT: Finding Your Way Back to Love and Friendship in the midst of differences that divide.


“Your masterclass on rejection was very helpful.  I have always been a people pleaser and shame on me when I was not.  I now realize that I can’t be friends with everyone and really this says something about the one who rejected me.”

“The class was incredibly helpful to me and so helpful that I find a hard time putting it into words.  I’ve had several years of therapy and the information you gave me was not something I ever learned in therapy.” 

Let's Recap

When you join, you'll get immediate access to all the bonus material.

  • Weekly Core Healing Trainings Delivered Live with Step-by-Step Guidance ($1,297 value)
  • Core Healing Training Video Recordings + Workbooks ($497 value)
  • Weekly Relationship Workshops + Support Group ($1,297 value)
  • Weekly Interactive Group Support + Coaching Sessions ($1,665 value)
  • BONUS: Boundaries Course ($347 value) 
  • BONUS: Self Care Course ($197 value)
  • BONUS: Relationship Makeover Collection ($197 value)

 That's well over $5,000 in value but, in reality, the true value of the life and freedom you'll gain can't be measured.



Your Life a Year From Today

It's 2023 and you've just invested the past twelve months in a way that's totally supported the life you only dreamed was possible. You finally feel like your life belongs to you--not to your abuser, not to whoever wants a piece of you. You feel whole, empowered and free.

You're thanking yourself for the investment that will impact the rest of your life. 


It's 2023 and you're still coping your way through, managing the symptoms of your past and making the best of things, waiting for your life to get better. 

Which future will you have?

The way to predict your future is to choose your future. 

If you choose to be 100% responsible for your healing and your life, you’re going to grow in ways you never imagined and create a life you only dreamed of.

But to make no choice is still a choice.

If you choose survival mode, repeating the same patterns, the same pain, the same fear, and choosing the comfort of the moment over long-term thriving, you can 100% expect to be in the same place next year. And that's not an opinion; just look at your past and you can prove this to yourself.

Your choice will be based on what you want. If you want to keep on surviving then the things you’ve already been doing are working for you.

But I suspect that you’re here because you want more from your life.

There are two paths in front of you with two distinct destinations. 

The choice is yours...I hope you choose to take this leap because you can do this! I've got you covered. 

Your new life begins now. All you've got to do is take one small step and take the LEAP to join and say YES to guidance, accountability and a community support.

Click the link below and enroll now, and I'll see you inside!


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